exactly what is a Snatchet?

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A woman-

who is somewhere between a “snatch” and a fuckin’ “ratchet”


My best friend Tilly and I have a deep love the snatchet because they try so hard to be nice! But these dumb bitches must know their fakeness is noticed.

first let us define “ratchet” Ratchet is a slang term in hip hop that in the strictest sense refers to an uncouth female, and is a Louisianan regiolect of “wretched”.

now snatch has many meanings to snatch or grab something, it can refer to a females vagina, or in hip hop the term snatchet is a basic bitch who is one step below a ratchet.

Combining the 2 together we have a snatchet –vile disgusting women. Women who pretend to be your friend but back stab you in the same hour they try talking to you.



images (3)These type of females should be avoided at all costs…

you know they type. Some are single and some are married.

The single “snatchets” will no doubt be texting your man and trying to become a friend to any man that has another female in his life that he can depend on. Single snatchets like attention and if they can effectively come in between a happy couple have no care in the world of being said snatch. Single snatchets have lots of men they talk to because most women know enough to stay away and since men can be blinded by a pretty face, will typically be friend the snatchet or even attempt a sexual relationship with the bitch.

The married “snatchets” are typically nosy bitches who watch all the neighbors, or sleep around on their husband because they feel he deserves it for that one time he pissed them off back in the day. Married snatchets can be very disturbing if they feel the need to be do gooders. These women will be despised by colleagues and most of these womens children will stop speaking to them soon after they become adults. Snatchets cause problems among healthy women due to their lack of transparency and honesty in dealing with other women.

Snatchets can be avoided simply by not interacting with them.

I Have recently encountered a few snatchets and it is disheartening. I maintain professional courtesy when needed and I smile and offer advice when asked but these women are best left alone.





whatif you get? what if don’t?

blog1what if you got what you wanted. .  what if did not?

I have the life I want.

But at one time I did not.

I have the partner I want, the best friend.

For a long time I did not.

So what do you want? I mean if you go to work every day and are miserable then quit for gods sake, and all the people around you.

Change the situation in your world which does not bring you joy.

You will be happier once you start clearing the things you do not like and allowing the things you love replace them.


I noticed people who called when my gramma died and those who did not. Even more who came to the funeral and who did not.

Friends…fine line between what is and what is not. isn’t it?

I am going through therapy for a violent rape that I endured in my teens. I am working through it slowly-with grace. I am also not going to college during this time and seeking to work overtime to pay off all credit cards and medical bills in 18 months.

I have cut people out of my life for gossip and poor moral character. I am going to surround myself with self. love. favorite. family. and nature.


Growing a garden this year at new home is on the list of peaceful endeavours and I am nervous. I have never had my own garden to grow vegetables in… Love has made my world change and I will maintain my goals though this love—and grace.

I was told I tell my goals to much and I do. I want things to manifest in my life and I want to be moved by Spirit. Sexually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. I am overcoming past fears past aches and issues within the mind which are not real.

With having what you want then you must release what you do not want. Do not stay in a friendship or relationship because its easy or convenient…get out. let better come in. Be aware.

Be present.


in service,

mary kay spryte




financial responsibility—

moneyRecently I sat down and added up all my debt. Wow. I looked at income coming in and payments going out and how much if any I can save.

What a humbling and embarrassing quest.

I thought I was further paid on loans that are not nearly as paid as I thought. Also, my interest rates are much higher than I like them to be. So the next week starts a new week of working overtime- I have a 1 year and two year goal to pay off car in full, 2 credit cards and one loan. I have consulted with a financial advisor who has taken a look at my spending and now it is time to get busy busy busy paying down high interest loans-. Each check-delegated.

Guidance in matters of finance are something we should embrace.

Do not be afraid of your debt or your income coming in–

just make smart choices and earn earn earn.

Be smart.

Skip the extra coffee at dunkin and starbucks. Walk or bike to store or work— Save here and there.

watch the savings add up and have all the items you desire.

I was blessed with success early on in life that caused me to give to friends without any worry of savings- well friends have gone and not paid back—to the tune of thousands of dollars. My choices with higher income earned during my party days only had me spending more. If I profited 4 grand in a weekend then I had that much to spend the next week. I thought it was never ending. Oh the poor choices we make in our youth.

Hell Justin Speese owes me $2200 for a sprint phone him and his girlfriend ran up in my name in 3 months time. I have invested in businesses, lawyers, babysitters, property taxes, and overall fun for friends who have not paid back. I am guessing the total to be over 20k. and-



Money can always be earned…

work- determination-optimism and good choices is what is needed,

this humble life lesson comes after the parental unit Janet took from me all I was…in dollars…but not in Spirit-

You see I am young and healthy and ambitious. I get knocked out and I wake up—burn and fly the phoenix in her most rawest form, look up here I go.

I mean just look at the Hell I have been through—still standing. and now I turn a corner one of full disclosure to another human—scary—intermingled—open—into me he sees—man has my number–trust has been earned and reciprocated and all is well. now I just need to be patient–and trust the process-

phrases told to me –lessons learned

Game plan or goal plan moving forward–good choices.

I have noone to blame but ,myself for lack of savings, I trusted the wrong people, I spent frivolously when I was making more I spent more. I did not keep my money safe.

Tank has gone and the life lessons my adopted father taught me have rung loudly in my ears the last two days as I looked over my financials. He was big on stacking money but always having the nicest things. A challenge if the income does not match your taste. I have been spoiled lately and I have not had to want for anything. Recovery suits me well.

My gratitude speaks when I share—and today I was taught in the kindest and most loving way that my financials need to be looked at and doubled down on. no more giving money to friends and no more co signing loans for friends to bail them out. If a cars friend breaks I have a mechanic friend now in PA who is amazing. If someone needs gas in their car I wont give them cash Ill follow them to gas station and fill the car up for them.  Lessons learned.

Who knew this lesson would be so wonderful–financial freedom —next chapter- horses? house? swim spa? vacations with favorite? music?




dear grams,


My dearest grams, be well in your new being—

I thank you for all the camping trips, and teaching me how to cut vegetables. thank you for your love of reading and encouraging me to sing and write and rhyme.

Thank  you for always listening to my hip hop music even though you did not agree with some of my messages. i NEED you more than you know. Your words of wisdom and tough criticism has formed me into the strong beautiful woman who is typing this.

thank you 

I understand you had to go your body was tired and your spirit needed to be free…in energy you are one with our Creator, have you sat with the Messiah. Have you seen your loved ones that have walked this path before you? Do you miss earth? I am sure grampa is heavy in your Spirit and he waits to be with you. I love you grams

I am sorry for being a bad granddaughter in my early years of drug addiction but I am so grateful you got to see me get clean and stay that way. I love you—

I am well cared for as you know. I am loved here in Pennsylvania. I am a servant daily and get to help students navigate student loans and you know how much I love my position. I am going to miss our phone conversations. 20 to 45 minutes sometimes 5 minutes just to say I love you gramma…you laughed.

Ill miss praying over the phone with you==yahushua messiah holds you close..you ARE IN SPIRIT now my dear sweet grams—


when death comes calling. . .

I faced death at age 12.. . again at 15, , ,19 years old and 28. And now my grams is getting ready to dine with Him. I have so many emotions because of all the people I would have to say good bye to Gramma Audrey is the one good bye I can not imagine,


images (1).jpg I understand the process I must go through to grieve. But the sorrow is so great I can hardly breathe when I think of not being able to call her, hug her, smell her. I know the only reason we grieve when someone dies is our own selfishness—thinking they deserve to be with us more than God? am i that self centered to think she should live longer, just so I can have my gramma?

I have lived my life without a mother who has supported me and that is where Gramma filled in.

Stepped up.

Loved me..

How do I let go of the only person who has every truly seen me for me? How do I FILL THE VOID ? of my grams?

See there is that selfishness. . .like I am not going to be okay? I always heal. .  I always move forward and I always persevere. images (2).jpg So Death is coming for gramma and once again I prepare to meet Him.

Unlike the tragedy of Death that comes in without warning, this time I know He is waiting…

I love my gramma and I am going to miss her so much.





in moments of addiction, moments of recovery

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In moments of addiction I was focused on the next high.

In moments in recovery I am focused on the moment.

In moments of addiction I was focused on getting more, finding more, locating more.

In moments of recovery I am focused on the now.

Living in gratitude and in the moment is a strength that has grown within me over the last years 9 years of recovery. I started smoking cigarettes this last year and I am eager to quit. I also found my equal, my favorite person my teacher at the end of 2016.

My life is so full.

In addiction I was selfish and self centered.

In Recovery I give and love with eyes wide open and with gratitude.

I am grateful I have lunches to pack, laundry to do, dishes to clean, and bills to pay.

In addiction I ran from society. I hid.

In Recovery I serve. I live.


In Service






history- st Valentine

The Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death.

Other stories suggest that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons, where they were often beaten and tortured. According to one legend, an imprisoned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young girl–possibly his jailor’s daughter–who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories all emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic and–most importantly–romantic figure. By the Middle Ages, perhaps thanks to this reputation, Valentine would become one of the most popular saints in England and France.


My valentine is my favorite person and I choose him, everyday. to laugh with, to live with, to have adventures with. He offers me advice in areas of my life were my best friends will not even venture to confront me. He does not fear me, or revere me, he is not my fan. . .but my equal…and then some.

In many ways he is my teacher, my ancestor, my protector. We have cycled through life together before and could not have picked a better time to collide in this current life. I need him to guide me. I believe in him. His goals. His dreams. His struggles. I am his cheer leader in some ways and his personal assistant in many other. He trusts me. I see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice, feel it in his touches of strength.


Today we choose our valentine with gifts, hearts, candy, cards, and love. We give these tokens to show a feeling that one can never seem to express correctly in words. Why? Is not the truth of who we are as humans shown in how we love? Who we love?

Whom do you love? I am so at peace today and my grandmother is getting ready to pass… hospice is moving her home in 6 days. A trip to Wisconsin is needed to smell her, to hug her, to hold her close to me one last time before she leaves this world. my gramma Audrey, my grams.

red the color of blood. The color of passion. Red is bold. Strong. Needs no introduction. I wish to be like this color, this year. Be bold. passionate.

In service and Love,

Mary “Spryte”

taboo topics?. . .

sex, oral, kama sutra, pleasure, passion. . . we do not discuss such things. . .well not in public. . . should we in private?

But should these secret, sexy, and sacred moments ever be shared with anyone other than  your lover? My answer is no. To discuss the intimacy of the relationship shared by two human beings, to me, feels invasive. The Kama Sutra teaches the language of love and the word intimacy actually means ” into me you see”. How beautiful.

How delicate, how sacred. What we tend to find taboo varies from person to person because it is about perspective. Each person has different life experiences which shape how they love. How they fuck. How they connect. How they relate. How they react.


intamacyWhen do you feel most at ease? What makes you uncomfortable. When someone brings up certain topics in public settings do you cringe? Are there topics for you that are off limits? Blowjobs? Not very good table talk? Poverty? Racism? Gay couples? What is it that you need to uncover within you so you can accept and see different perspectives? Is a person’s trauma who they are? What they have become? Or can a victim become the victor?

What happens when a rape victim who has healed but encounters another sexual predator who attempts to force himself on her after she has not dealt with this kind of treatment in a decade? Stuff it down. . .tell no one. . . cry? get angry?

This time she fought back and stopped it.

and left.

just walked out and left. . .


This topic comes up today because  wanted to write and a topic was given. I feel a subtle way of saying what I need to say can be done though writing. Words are containers of power. Our past experiences and relationships will effect us today if we do not let go of that negative shit from the past that can creep in. We need walls down and ears open, mouths open, and eyes open.

I wake every day happy. Grateful and ready for a shot of protein and a little meditation.

Life does have its way of working things out…Karma is such a good ally—

in service and gratitude.



positive thoughts manifest? no shit!

So we all know it is true what we spend our time thinking about is what we manifest in our life. If you are on your way to work and keep thinking your going to be late guess what you will hit every red light. Why? Because you are putting it out into the universe you want to be late. The Universe doesn’t care or understand you do not want t o be late it gives you what you give. The law of attraction like the law of gravity is real and working on your life whether you believe it or not. I focus on the future, my dreams, my desires, my goals. The people I want close to me, the places I want to see, the home I want to live in. I see it in my minds eye, my third eye open and receptive to the every day choices and thoughts I can have to manifest these positive items I wish to have in my life. 


This is not an easy task to accomplish, changing our thoughts can be the most challenging of all ventures we may take. When I first became aware of the Law of attraction, what we think we attract I was wanting to find a way to change my life, when in fact I had to start in the mind. Once the mind is clear and focused and you are operating with intention, POSITIVE INTENTION, our lives naturally start to fall into the order in which we are supposed to live. In life, in love, with a purpose. The day we realize what our purpose is we can in fact become what we were made to become. My purpose is to serve. to love. to live each day assisting. This is my favorite life. Every day I am surrounded and amazed by beauty and love.

With the major and minor changes this past year I am right where I saw I would be…and then some…happiest girl in PA.



back up back off—#spryte

another birthday come and gone. . .

Another birthday has come and gone and I am so pleased with my current situation. My housemate is the best, I am still thriving in the mountains of Pennsylvania and daily adventures with my favorite person leave me breathless. I love my new position at work where I get to deal with escalated accounts and I am pleased with my performance. Morning coffee and cuddles helps me start the days right and I spend about 9 hours a day at work. Studying Higher Education to become an online professor is my free time along with singing with Bradley James to the sweet guitar he strums daily. The sound fills the air now as I type and is just breath taking, , ,


851564_758403537517456_1241767605_nWe shoot pool when we can and are very competitive. I have gotten much better under his tutelage, and I actually have won a few games. I spend more time racking than he does but he doesn’t mind. I listen to the music and peace consumes me. I have insecurities I am dealing with but other than the minor outburst of emotion I can say I have never been happier than the last Four months. Pennsylvania has been a blessing indeed and if I must be grateful it is for the connection made in this place…

When we deal with insecurities and have a supportive person to walk us through the ridiculousness of the minds tricks it is playing we can grow. In most space we have to feel comfortable, at ease and able to be ourselves. I work in an environment that is very much stifling in many ways. Every thing is counted down the minute and it is annoying. How long does it take to walk to the bathroom, pee, wash hands, and walk back to desk four minutes if lucky but usually five to six. Yikes. How obsessive. Any who, life is good.

I help people everyday and assist them to navigate the difficulty of student loan debt and forgiveness options. I communicate very effectively and people tend to be relieved after speaking to me in many instances. I want to implement new training and try to make everyone more consistent on the phones.

well that guitar is calling me to sing, I must go now favorite is playing….