Tuesday thought

Tuesdays Thoughts from MK Spryte

Centre Hall Pennsylvania, 11 miles from State College has been my home for 15 days.
I am happy, at peace, and so blessed.
I received my acceptance letter from PENN State University for my Masters in Professional Studies of Psychology of Leadership on St Patrick’s Day, my immediate reaction was
“I’m moving to Happy Valley”!
and then my spirit reminded me I was an Insurance agent and making 50k a year….
However, the Spirit heard me…I was fired on April 6th from job..yay!!
On May 16th Lisa and I started talking after a 16 month sabbatical and we decided to travel to Pennsylvania to find a house and prepare to move for July 1st…
We met with Eric at a lovely 2 bedroom home in Centre Hall just 11 miles from the University…and signed out lease…for JUNE 1ST!
So the Spirit has blessed me with my one of my best friends as well as a home and a job at the nearby country club.
It has been an absolute amazing 3 weeks.
I can not begin to express the gratitude…the peace…the wonderful change that has happened to me.
I was very afraid to be away from Lisa Ewald, Kamm, my mom, gramma, sister, Nicole, tilly, and green bay in general.
Now that I am here and settled in and working I would not go back to Wisconsin for other people or places, I will walk this path and continue to grow and enjoy it.
What we believe we are is what we are.
Our perception of ourselves defines our interactions and journey in this realm. In my opinion leaping in faith and taking the path that is difficult is a necessity to encounter the joy and true blessings the CREATOR has in store for us…


39 years in the making…

“What the f%ck is wrong with you, you f#%kin idiot?”
Loving words from my Uncle in response to a question I asked him about a broken garage door.
Verbal abuse at it’s finest. In the past I allowed it, went along with it, and felt like less than human for hours, sometimes days after.
However, two days ago when this happened, I walked away.
I did not mouth off, I did not cry, I did not curse him out and start acting all gangsta, I did not feel inadequate or bad.
What a relief!
Miracles do happen!
Instead, I prayed for him, in my heart I immediately asked Spirit to forgive him for being so angry, mean, unaware, uncaring and not awakened. I said my good bye to my grand mother whose home I was at raking leaves and I left.
Without a scene, I left.
I did not cry in the car as I drove away.
I smiled. I thanked the GREAT SPIRIT that allowed me to love, live, forgive and be genuinely happy, clean.
Positivity and light fill my Spirit and my soul is cleansed, finally.
39 years old and I can finally not let negative and abusive words from family hurt me.
(from my uncle)
My brother or father saying these words to me may not be as easily handled. I am a work in progress I am not perfect.


Mondays Mourning for Menasha

Mondays Mourning for Menasha
Written by M.K.Spryte (B.S. Psychology)

Since I heard the news early this morning I have been saddened, heavy, deep in prayer, and thought. My prayers are towards the mother, Erin Stoffel at the hospital recovering from three gunshot wounds, mourning the death of her husband, Jonathan, and her daughter Olivia(11).

I love to walk on trails in Green Bay and the Fox Valley, I have been on the Trestle Trail many times. The wrong place at the wrong time seems to be the feeling of the sad and tragic deaths in Menasha, Wisconsin.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel started an article with these words: “A father and his 11-year-old daughter were among the three people killed when a man upset over a broken engagement opened fire Sunday night in Menasha, police said at a news conference Monday (Jones,2015).
I watched the news conference in the sitting area at the Westside YMCA with about five other women in Green Bay, Wisconsin about 30 minutes from Menasha where the incident happened. We were standing around the television in the corner, silent, quiet, hanging on every word the Dr. spoke and the Chief of police spoke. Fear, shock, the age of innocence over? Words were mixed together in my mind as I immediately placed myself in the ex girlfriend of the shooters heart and gave her strength, whispering to her spirit “this is not your fault”. A moment later I rushed in Spirit to the hospital where Erin is recovering, whispered strength to her and the nurses who are caring for her. Another silent prayer left my lips to the two surviving children Ezra and  sister Selah who were unharmed, thank you Heavenly Father.
I know in times of darkness and tragedy we come together and we must now as a community and not allow this incident to cause fear to keep us from our trails. There is a go fund me account set up by the families that has raised over 40,000 dollars in 9 hours.
I have had tragedy in my life the five girls who were struck by a car in October of 1988 were friends and the feelings are the same. The why, the how could this happens and the fear….

Prayers to the Menasha Community, I lived there for three years when I attended school at the University of Wisconsin Fox Valley.
#stoffelfamily #Menashapd

The audio of the police conversation is professional, well handled and within five minutes dispatch had on call coming.



wednesdays writings

Wednesdays Wild Writing
from MK Spryte

ohhhh Baltimore what have you done?

Murder, shootings,death, hurt,anger and pain are all covered too much today on the news. Police brutality and the wrongful death of so many…so sad.
My heart aches for our world, my  eyes water my cheeks for the parents who are attempting to raise better adults.
My soul cries out for death of this body so I can exist in the realms of SPIRIT and eat lunch  with my deceased ancestors, my friend Nicole Watia and my sweet sweet Jodi Prokop.
As I am 39 years into this journey and probably going to be here a while I WANT AND desire to make a difference.
So let us not look at who to blame for the riots but let us look at why these people feel the need to riot.
Frustration? Anger? Absolute disgust with this country?
We claim to be the greatest nation, yet we have the poorest of morals…
the poorest….
We do not allow the rights to a man and a man to marry…but we claim freedom of speech and religion?
We are a nation built on hypocrisy….so sad.
We are not a nation of diversity when we shove the Bible down peoples throats or turn our noses down at someone for being Muslim…
I see we are an accepting country as long as those who are different accept what the leaders put forth as acceptable.
As a woman, a rhymer, a Christian and a WICCAN
please….be the change,
make a difference,
every day find one thing you can do right that is gentle, loving and kind,
just stop….
if you do not like something don’t like it, but don’t spout your dislike off at the mouth to everyone around you, don’t start cars on fire and smash your neighbors businesses because you are emotional or hurt.
In every step you take and every interaction you have be nice,…
I was filled with anger and discontent and struggled with being nice for many years.
Today I have a degree in Psychology, I am a lover of life and I am extending a hand to you…to join me in making this world a better more livable place.
If you want to talk…need an ear…or just want someone to here you out…
lets chat #1-920-277-2420
if you are struggling with depression,addiction, abuse I am here to hear you…I do not claim to be a life coach or charge you to meet or talk
I am here to assist,,,to listen to bounce ideas off of…
step into the spirit with me…let me help you..

*this is not a gimmick nor a sales pitch this is authenticity at its finest,,,so please enjoy me

Mary Kay Elsner
B.S. Psychology
#madeithappen #globalunity #spiritofspryte


Crime IN America

Crime In America

Mary Kay Elsner

Social Problems 220

Grand Canyon University

Crime in America has been a part of our history since the first person lived here. There are many theories as to why crimes are committed; however the Choice Theory fits them all. A person chooses to rape, murder, steal a car, or break into a house. A person obviously makes a poor choice in acting upon the desire to commit a crime because when caught there are consequences. For the purpose of this assignment let us look at some of the possible reasons why a certain crime may be committed.

Let us first look at violent crimes such as rape, murder or aggravated assault. Of course choice theory fits as to why these crimes happen a person chooses to harm another. However, developmental theories could also apply because they state that over the course of a person’s life traumas occur and this causes the person to resort to crime. Looking at the developmental theory it states the extended family that use to be present early on in society to help raise a child is no longer present as much in today’s culture. Children are more likely to be independent and I think to fall through the cracks by parents with two jobs and different struggles of their own. Development and growth of a child is crucial to how they will react and behave once of legal age. If a child is exposed to a trauma at a young age they may turn to drugs to ease the pain or block out memories, which could lead to stealing to support the horrible habit. In turn being under the influence of a drug may cause violent behaviors leading to rape, murder or abuse to another human being.

Another theory which could be applied to violent crimes is Strain Theory, this combines trait theory and social conflict theory, the thinking behind this is people steal, kill or are violent because they are angry at their life style or status within society. Although these theories can be applied in different situations, choice theory is relevant in all crimes. Simply stated a person always has a choice as to whether to act on their feelings or desires.

Next let us look at economic crimes which happen as well in our society. Theft, robbery and stealing happen also because a person chooses to steal what does not belong to them. Whether it is because of the thrill of stealing or because the person is poor and needs food, money or goods the individual has a choice. However, social conflict theory can also be applied to these types of crimes. Under the thought process that poorer communities are more likely to have less police and less enforcers of the rules more crimes will be committed. Nicer neighborhoods are better patrolled and well it at night therefore making neighborhoods safer. This is cause for disorganization and more crimes being committed. Social Process Theory can also be used when looking at and trying to understand economic crimes. When social interaction happens in neighborhoods that are racially unequal or exclusion happens among people more crimes are committed. In my opinion when a poor man feels a sense of entitlement he may resort to breaking into another person’s home to take what he feels he deserves, Once again this brings me back to the choice theory.

Solutions to all of these types of crime are education and equal programs for the wealthy and the poor. If a poor man has a drug problem and a rich man the same problem money should not be the factor in getting them help. As unlikely as it is that we will start to distribute our wealth and treatment equally I think it would be a fabulous start to less crime. Legalization of marijuana would alleviate all kinds of problems with crime. Because it is illegal and criminal in some states to possess it we fill our jails wit people who get high, who in turn get angry get out of jail and commit more crimes. We waste billions of dollars a year trying to stop people from smoking a plant, when we should be spending that money on educating the public on holistic ways of living, why cigarettes are killing us, how to raise your children morally and bringing cultures together. Solutions lie within bringing people together and removing the reasons behind why crimes are committed, not punishing or attempting to take away things the government wants to regulate.

In conclusion, helping crime to lessen in this country is a moral issue. I believe it starts in the homes with the mothers and fathers, how they raise their children and what their children are taught. Crime has been a problem ever since Cain and Able, we are humans and we have the right to make choices. These choices have consequences and crime happens mainly because we all have a choice.


Crime and deviant behavior/substance abuse. (2010). Informally published manuscript, Grand Canyon University, Grand Canyon, Phoenix Arizona, Retrieved from https://lc-ugrad1.gcu.edu/learningPlatform/user/users.html?operation=loggedIn


Why we should live by a Moral Code

Moral Code

Why we should live by a Moral Code

Mary Kay Elsner

Grand Canyon University

A moral code is defined by the dictionary as, “the quality of being in accord with standards of right conduct (Collins, 2013). My question is who decides what is right conduct? My answer would be the one with the most money or the biggest army. A moral code should be quite simple, one of the most respected thinkers ever to live in my opinion, Albert Einstein says, “If you can’t explain it simply then you don’t understand it.” He states this about anything someone tries to explain. It seems that the topic of a moral code is anything but simple to explain, does this mean, as humans we do not truly understand it?

In my opinion I think it is important to live justly, honestly, kindly, and in the open. Is this a moral code? To me personally it is my moral code. I would like to think that the way I live my life today is pleasing to my God and to the community in which I live in. I think people who break the law and find discord with others are not honoring or living by the moral code that God, Himself instilled in every human being He created. I have a hard time arguing about morals today because my life has undergone such a drastic change within the last four years. I am a survivor of a drug overdose, I died. I came back to live after 57 seconds and a conversation with a dead friend and the Archangel Michael. Morals are simple, be nice, do not cause harm and respect one another.

Simply stated, as humans it is important to live by a set of morals in order to have a peaceful existence with one another. There are billions of people on this planet and if we all did not have rules or a sense of what respecting one another was we would be extinct by now. I truly believe we can take a great lesson from Sodom and Gomorrah; these two cities had no sense of morals and were destroyed. If we, as a race of human beings, had no set of moral codes to follow left to our own divisiveness, we would all be separated from one another. Morals, once defined and agreed upon, are almost as valuable as the air we breathe and the water which sustains our very lives. Murder, theft and abuse are not moral codes to live by and yet we have criminals in our midst. Addiction kills thousands of people every year and mental illness has caused mass shootings in public places, where innocent people are slain. A moral code is the best defense we have against this kind of darkness. I am a believer in the grace and love of Jesus Christ, and I feel if more people sought a relationship with Him, we would have a race of human beings, living by a moral code which was designed to give us a happy existence. Jeremiah 29:11 states, “ 11 for I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (NIV). This one statement defines God’s plan for us, to prosper! What more of a reason would a person need to live a moral life and follow God’s example?

A moral life comes with rules; the Bible is full of them. 10 commandments God gave us to follow, not 100, not 1000 but 10. If a moral code is needed and we want to keep it simple, I truly believe following those 10 commandments would make the world a much better place. Now for the non Christian a set of commandments setup to align with the person’s faith may be needed. For example, the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, are right in line with the Quran, which is the sacred book of the Muslim world. A universal moral code can be found and achieved as soon as we as humans understand each human wants a happy and peaceful life. In order for us to prosper as a race we need to be united on the definition of moral, this is the first barrier which must be overcome.

In short, morals are important to this world as a whole. Having a belief in a power greater than you is needed to respect and love one another. Therefore, a moral code is needed so we have a way of living which is easy to follow and prosperous for us spiritually and physically. Existence in this world can be a very enjoyable journey if we find out what we believe, define it and then live by it. This is why a moral code is so important for us to define and then align our actions with.


Clark, K. J., & Poortenga, A. (2003). The story of ethics fulfilling our human nature. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

(2013). Dictionary. (2nd ed.). Harper Collins.