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Statement of Purpose to Penn State University 2015 Accepted to Masters March 17th 2015

Statement of Purpose to Penn State University 2015 Accepted to Masters March 17th 2015.

SECURING YOUR SPIRIT—international womens day march 8Th 2015 my CHAPTER…

Mary Kay Elsner “SPRYTE”©

B.S. Psychology

Securing Your Spirit

Spirit, as defined by the Latin word spiritus, meaning “breath”, also is identified as spirit, soul, and vigor (Webster, 1964) as well as the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy and power. What gives you power, life and energy? Of course, I can only speak to my experiences and what has happened to me in the course of my 39 trips around the sun or 507 moon cycles, depending how you count time. Obviously, when looking at our own Spirit we will all have a different idea of whom we are and what we are supposed to do with this life. Some of this, I believe, can be determined based on our image of a Creator or perhaps our behavior shows our lack of our belief and relationship with a Higher Power. Either way the Spirit is as much of us as our shadow that shows itself in the light.

My Spirit is a driving force within me as much as it is a young child that needs to be nurtured and watered with beautiful sounds, words, and images. My present life is a constant of warm cups of coffee, good conversation with good women, and long walks and bike rides through the city of Green Bay Wisconsin and the country which surrounds this historic town. To begin with, I am a recovered drug addict celebrating six years clean on May 5th, 2015 and without having to go through the darkness of my 20 years of using drugs I will just say it was dark, sad, pathetic and a waste. However, the darkness I have come through to become a successful college graduate, encourager, author, friend, sister, insurance agent and daughter had a large part to play in the success I celebrate today. Albus Dumbledore said “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”, I never knew the light existed as a troubled youth with a path of death, destruction and addiction. Today I walk in the light, shine bright and smile often however, this was not an easy journey to securing my Spirit.

Webster Dictionary explains the word “Secure” as protected from danger, free from danger or harm as well as guarded so that no one can enter or leave (Webster, 1964). So to “Secure” one’s Spirit we are protecting our Spirit (our self) from harm and not allowing anything to leave or enter unless we are okay with it. To be one with Spirit is to be in harmony with your body, your thoughts and your actions. When I started this journey four years ago to finding my authentic self and truly understanding my Spirit and Body connection I was so astounded to find out that the human being is a three part being in many faiths and two parts being in others. The body, mind and soul or the body and spirit can be a way to look at the makeup of a human. Truly, a lovely thought, especially when considering how complex we are with our physical bodies and all the intricate happenings within our hearts and emotions as we experience different life lessons and achievements. A perfect example of this is the chemistry of love and attraction and what happens within our body when we see the one we love, desire or have an attraction for. Some have compared it to fireworks going off in the brain and within the heart or loins. ( I always laugh at the word “loins” and do not really know why, even if someone says pork loin, the word just sounds funny to me).

When I gave up drugs in May of 2009 it was the greatest step I could have taken towards finding my Spirit. I was running from my parents’ divorce, my best friend’s death that happened at age 12 and the loss of my horse because my mother could no longer afford to keep me on a saddle and riding. I was out of control and stopped believing in Creator, God, YHWH, the Lord and Lady whatever name you choose to call the Creator. I was a Native American, Pagan and Christian at heart and always an eclectic when it came to my belief in the Eternal Heavens. I was always aware of my complexities and my desire to be good, live a happy life and be the best person I could for all involved in my life but after the horse was sold, the parents separated and my best friend died, I was done believing. Finally, at age 33 I overdosed and found myself arrested for my second driving while under the influence. After I was released from hospital and home with my car impounded I cried and surrendered and I finally knew I had a drug problem. There was a presence in my apartment that night, May 4th 2009 was the first time in over 20 years I even played with the idea of being an addict and in need of help. That was one of the longest nights I have had in this body on this plane. I cried and read the Bible for the first time in years, I found my Tarot deck which had been hidden away in a drawer for years and looked at the beautiful artwork on each card at my leisure and got lost in the archaic which was such an interwoven part of me, but had been lost. This was the first night I started to “Secure my Spirit”.

            While it may be true that this was the first step of my authentic life, there have been many other firsts along the path the last six years. Once I had six months clean I started to meditate daily, pray every hour and really see the world as a beautiful place with endless possibilities. I took long walks outside every day rain, snow, or sunshine. I ate healthy and started to drink green tea again, there is nothing like a fuzzy blanket and a hot cup of tea in a favorite mug cuddled up with a book. These were things I did not enjoy while doing drugs because I was finding drugs, doing drugs or coming down from doing drugs. Being clean was the greatest gift I have ever given myself and to this day I am grateful for the doors that have opened for me. Accordingly, I am a college graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, not to mention I graduated with High Honors. Not bad for an ex junkie.

When looking at your authentic self and your Spirit, what makes you, you. First, one must consider the mirror to which you define yourself. What set of principles or teachings resonate with your soul. For example, when I read certain Native American Teachings sometimes I feel as though I already know the story, because it resonates with my soul, my spirit identifies it. I love hearing a lecture or a teaching that just makes sense the first time I hear it, because somewhere deep down I already know the truth of it on a deeper level. As an eclectic, I identify as a Christian, Wiccan, and Native American, making the Spirit of Spryte© the essence of who I am through my music and ministry as an encourager. My friends laugh at me because they think it is funny I identify with three different walks of life but if I ignored one I would be denying myself the sustenance my Spirit needs from the other walks.

First, the Christian aspect of my Spirit is the 3 in 1 Creator of ELOHIM (God). I started to study Hebrew years ago and found the Truth in the Scriptures through knowing the true name of the Creator. Jesus is a poor translation of the Greek God Zeus and since I do not worship the Greek God I call my Savior by His true name which is YAHSHUAH MESSIAH. In truth the letter “j” did not even exist until the 16th Century so to call Him by the wrong name seems rude. Also, in Hebrew the 3rd commandment states not to take the name in vain, which means to alter, so by saying Lord (which is the name of a Babylonian Deity) or Jesus (which is a Greek God) we have altered the name of our Creator. When I speak to the Father alone I use YHWH and when I am speaking to the three in one I call ELOHIM. My Spirit has developed considerably based on learning these truths and the depth of my study towards what it means to call myself a Christian. I mean honestly, my name is Mary, if someone constantly called me Stacy I would be quite annoyed so why do we call our Savior by the incorrect name? Also, I have developed my understanding of who YAHSHUAH is and what He did for me when He came into human form and died on the cross for all of us by studying the Hebraic Roots and seeking the Truth for myself to share with others who have ears to hear.

Second, I have found my Spirit through the Wiccan Teachings I have grown to love because of my Mother, Lady Pearl of the Moon and those women who have gone before me. You see the Wiccan faith teaches me that my Creator is both male and female and we were created in their image, as it says in the original Bible in Genesis, so many forget that we were created in their image. Now as a woman, I cannot help but believe my Creator is in fact female. I firmly believe with all my human mind and emotions that there is a Lord and Lady, a God and Goddess in the beginning. In my soul I see them created equally and in perfect love, trust and harmony with each other to create this world in which we live. I love candle magick, the simple gesture of lighting a candle with intent and allowing the Universe to take that energy and work with it is exciting. Walking in the full moon light considering all the men and women who went before me to seek the truth of the Universe is always rewarding, mystical, amazing and peaceful. I have always felt most at home in the woods and in nature, whether I am camping, swimming or hiking I feel closest to the Creator outside. Securing your Spirit is a journey and different for each of us, I have found mine in my different walks that I embrace and study.

Third, the Native American teachings of the Potawatomie, the fire keepers, have influenced me for years and have helped me to identify my Spirit. I love the sound of the drum; I cannot help but move to the beat to dance to the sound to move. You see the drum was given to the men by the women at the beginning of time so they could feel the rhythm of the world. As women we have our monthly moon cycle and we are the bringers of life so we step with Mother Earth and we feel Her closer than the men. Men also are invited into the sweat lodge to cleanse their bodies of impurities through the sweat, we as women have our moon cycle to cleanse every 28 days. I desire a pure relationship with those who I walk with whether it is a human friend, a four legged friend (animals), the standing people (the trees), the creepy crawlies (insects) and all other forms of life with which we share this planet. In the midst of a circle with the Eagle feather being passed I have learned great teachings, peace, and how do share openly and honestly with my fellow humans. I also have had the privilege to sit in the lodge with the grandmothers and grandfathers to hear the stories of the first people. Securing my Spirit and authentic self even further with this path of faith and understanding has been a great part of my journey.

So where does Spryte© come from? Spryte© pronounced sprite is my hip hop name and the name I write and record music under. The Spirit of Spryte© ministry and music is my vision, dream and way to reach out to others who need encouragement and a little light in their life. I started rhyming at a very young age and was a fan of hip hop music at the age of 8 years old. My first song I ever wrote was in 6th grade about King Tut in my Social Studies class, I performed the song with a screwdriver as my microphone and the class went crazy, I was hooked. Spoken word became a passion for me and telling a story over a track was a thrill for me. By the time I was 20 years old I had done underground freestyle battles all over the Midwest in clubs and on street corners. I always felt at home as the only white face in the crowd, in the early 90’s there were no “white rappers” and until the Beastie Boys came out I was a hot commodity. I had a great group of African men and women I ran the streets with and got into loads of trouble but the music always was there a constant to me in my troubled youth. I secured my musical strength as an emcee by the time I was 20 and spent 20 plus years performing and rhyming all over the country. I understood at a very young age the pull of the spot light and the adrenaline of a crowd.

Today I still perform and write music and have a few videos on my website but my focus is on obtaining my PhD in Psychology, home ownership, and buying a lovely farmette for me to settle down in and get horses. I am one year away from my 40th birthday and I know who I am today. A child of the Universe, a lover of the Word, a seeker of the Truth and a woman, empowered by my voice, my love, my light and my relationship with the God and Goddess and YAHSHUAH MESSIAH.

Feel free to find me on the web, listen to my music and get to know me.

I am always willing for a one on one chat!

Blessings in Love and Light



Watch “Antix – Come Home” on YouTube

Antix – Come Home:

Spirit significance

I understand tge need to nurture my Spirit. I spend time alone often,  reading and walking outside.  Its amazing how five years ago i could not stand to be alone and always wanted to  be with someone. I adore the peace of my home, my neighborhood, my Creator.
Silence swiftly seeks me in secret. I sense the legacy of the women before me who searched for themselves through  the journey of authenticity. I inquire to the silence,  “use me for good”  “how can i be better?”. Sometimes answers come immediately,  imprinting on my heart  and then making the journey to my head and then the psyche.

My song pathways

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Taking Responsibility

When life or people disappoint us, we have a responsibility to remain stable and continue with CREATOR’s purpose for our lives.
Consider Psalm 94:12-13. Notice that it does not say that ELOHIM keeps us calm. It says EL gives us power to keep ourselves calm. We are partners with ELOHIM. EL’s part is to give us ability and our part is to be responsible. When a person is rude, selfish or mean to me I must remember that person is sick, undisciplined,  not spiritually fit. I must accept everyone is on their own journey and at a different point in their spiritual growth.

Responsibility means ‘to respond to the ability we have.’ An irresponsible person wants CREATOR or other people  to do everything while he/she does nothing except follow his/her  feelings. But don’t let your feelings run the show. When a person throws a a temper tantrum because they dont get their way, or are upset because someone is in their way, I must accept that person has more growing up to do and try to not judge them.for acting childishly. Until a person can be honest with themself and not allow their feelings to rule them, they will continue to act like a child because they believe acting this way will get them the result they desire. I have a learned a valuable lesson this week with my broken foot when I was totally disrespected while resting and my injury was totally disregarded because of a grown ups childish outburst, because she was upset. I use to be like this, but I have grown up. I can promise you: in the end you will feel much better about yourself if you take responsibility for your feelings than if you avoid them.

The GREAT SPIRIT cares for you, but CREATOR won’t do your part. SPIRIT  enables you to do it, but let me emphasize that CREATOR won’t do it for you! I dare you to stand firm, take responsibility and begin working with THE UNIVERSE to have the blessed life that is planned for you.

ELOHIM, Your Word says that You’ve given me the ability to remain calm. I receive that today. I won’t let my feelings run my life, and I will be responsible and respond the way You want me to. I will not allow others childish outburts or disrespect cause me to slip back into old behaviour s and ways. I am grateful for the undisciplined,  self centered people in my life for they show me what I DO NOT want to be..

Why we control

Everyone whether white, black, yellow, rich, poor or happy or sad are the same. In the basics of our nature we want a safe place to live, food for our belly and maybe a spouse or partner if we are called to such a life.

I like to control things, situations, and to my displeasure people who are close to me. It may be my ego, thinking I know what is best…for everyone. Which I do not. It may be the desire to help others and show them how I got to the place im at…but with such a fierce devotion to self and my beliefs.
Humbly ive accepted my control issues, my helplessness when it comes to others.

My faith has grown as my depression as circled me, a blanket of questions unanswered.  A place of fear that I seem to be unable to explain…a knowing of peace thru prayer and meditations and faith in the higher power.
Today I trust this process and I admire my sense of prescence.



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